Welcome to FancyPuss British Shorthair Cat Cattery

Des Plaines, Illinois

"I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul"
- Jean Cocteau.

Once you have a cat in your house, it doesn't feel like home without it, and that has been our experience, particularly with British Shorthair cats. They are the heart and soul of our lives, now, and they are treated as befits royalty, as is their due. They are our teachers, playmates, and, most importantly, our inspiration. 

FancyPuss is a small cattery located in Des Plaines, Illinois. We breed only the best quality British Shorthair cats into our lines, and make sure to maintain the beautiful, strong standards to the overall British Shorthair breed. Our cattery is an expensive and serious hobby, not a "for profit" business. The price we charge for our kittens covers vet expenses, genetic screenings, premium foods, supplies, cattery upkeep and ongoing educational expenses and cattery maintenance. Showing is also expensive but it's how we earn titles for our cats and have them evaluated against current standards. 

We think British Shorthairs are one of the best cat breeds as they are active, affectionate, highly interactive and devoted. I set high standards in my cats and cattery. Our cattery’s goal is to breed healthy, socialized companions that conform to current TICA and CFA standards. We do not cage our cats or kittens, and we work hard to raise them underfoot in the family home and handle them from the day they are born. Our cats eat the best food, have free run of the house, visit the vet on the regular basis and have all their claws. The colors we breed are BLUE, CLASSIC BLUE TABBY, BLACK, CLASSIC BLACK TABBY, BLACK SILVER SHADED. Generally, kittens are ready for their new homes after the age of 12 weeks. All of our cats are registered with The International Cat Association TICA, and leave here with a Health Record, Sales Agreement & a kitten packet with information about optimal nutrition & longevity. All British Shorthair cats are guaranteed to be free of infectious diseases, hereditary problems with a two year guarantee and are of the highest quality both in temperament and appearance. 

Shipping is available for both Domestic & International delivery to your nearest airport. We are located in Des Plaines, IL approximately 10 minutes away from O'Hare airport. "Hand carry" is sometimes available both in the US and to International destinations. I stress to all my new owners, I am there for you to consult day or night, with any questions. My biggest compliment is when a kitten buyer comes back for another one of my babies. They must have more than one of my FancyPuss kittens. After all, one is never enough!

Thank you for visiting us As always, for information, I can be contacted by email via CONTACT US or directly at our email address info@fancypusscattery.com